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Discover our passion

In every detail we express our passion and dedication to create unique pieces of art


Welcome to Crete Luxury Art Design,

The Essence of Origin


Crete was created by to bring excellence in furniture design and creat something new, simply different and very own, very characteristic.

Our pieces are authentic and original, inspired by different concepts of our life.

Each piece, each detail, is created with all passion and with all devotion, every detail is looked at with the maximum attention,

both by our designers as well as our artisans to bring you the best of us. 


Discover the world of Luxury Craftsmanship with Crete Luxury.

Inspired by ancient splendors and contemporary aesthetic, Crete Luxury furniture is distinctive for its sophisticated finishes and precious concepts.

Beyond our creativity with our pieces that we present to you, we have a personalyse custom service,


We want to support the most demanding wishes into your own masterpiece. If you can imagine you can get all you wish.
Any change in our pieces, whether of dimensions or finishes, everything is possible to execute to us,

we will have the availability and kindness understand your needs and present something that exceeds your expectations.


New exclusive pieces