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Welcome to the Crete Luxury Art Design,

a carefully chosen selection of luxury products, each with its own unique identity. Every item embodies the essence marque – the unparalleled craftsmanship of the very best quality luxury materials and incredible attention to detail, allied to the enormous passion for design.

Crete Luxury Art Design is a luxury furniture company, with a strong language of art, with unusual concepts. Our pieces stand out not only for design but also for wanting to spark an exclusive emotional experience a sense of belonging and an inspiring state of mind and feeling of exclusivity. Our pieces are meticulously designed and created by our designers, with the constant ambition of excellence, uniqueness, and inspiration, with love and dedication that merge into unique and exclusive collections. Through the wisdom of our master craftsmen, accumulated from years of experience, each piece is made by experienced hands, full of love and dedication, involving many different processes and manual techniques, thus creating unique pieces of art.

At the heart of everything, there’s the freedom of the creative process, the ability to generate, through ingenious combinations, timeless ideas that are born from a never-ending research that, thanks to the variety and the customization, anticipate trends and meets expectations to the demanding demand of the market and world of exclusivity design.

The way of feeling is meaningful and, in the collections, it is explored through the mixing and matching, of the world of design excellence, taking risks as a way of making art. All the production of our brand reflects this philosophy and guarantees a strict and precise control of the various stages of production. Raw materials and carefully selected components, because the constant pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction are one of the foundations of the Crete philosophy.

At Crete Luxury Art Design, quality of our pieces is a top priority. A product must absolutely meet the specifications defined in the design phase and all of our team are daily committed to the highest quality and service standards. We aim at each piece to achieve the uniqueness and balance of the harmony of exclusivity, of forms and concepts, capable of creating the best solutions for exclusive but at the same time cozy environments that express elegance and luxury.

The brand was born from a huge dream, the creation of a differentiating brand in the market, with unusual concepts, as if each piece were a piece of art author, with all the delivery and passion, inspired by the art of movement, visual art, art that touches us and awakens unique sensations. The name of the brand, Crete, comes from the name of one of the islands of Greece, not only because it is closely linked to art and architecture, but also because it was one of the origins of civilization being a source and reference of something magnificent and remarkable.

Our concept is based on the incessant search for the origin of something of value and inspiring, with the objective of realizing exclusive pieces of luxury furniture. Currently we have three collections, Intercontinental collections have pieces inspired by nine cities of the world and characterize in a subtle way each place; Essence collections, the collection more linked to the concept of the brand, because we consider it without limits, fearless, with strong concepts and that concretizes the imaginable, provides a stronger connection with the art, giving rise to incomparable pieces; and Minimalist collections, presents a design with an avant-garde and more minimalist approach.

We are passionate about what we do and our delivery. With all the skill we explore new concepts capable of arousing unique sensations.

The Creta team's vision is to be a reference in the world of Design, to do something magical notorious and unique through the beauty and exclusivity of our pieces.

Crete Luxury Art Design - A brand of valous

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