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Sydney | Center table

Sydney is a city full of a natural charmer and an amazing cultural history. Sidney center table is inspired by the known building, the Opera House of Sidney. The base is a structure in brass that looks that was molded by the wind and it has with inspired and unique shapes that transmit freedom. This is a piece with an exuberant and fascinating design. It is possible to choose between copper or nickel for the base. In this way, we connect an Australian icon with one of our center tables.

Sydney center table Enviornment
Sydney center table
Sydney center table
Sydney center table

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Technical Specifications:




Width:       165 cm | 64.9 in 

Length:      130 cm | 47.2 in 
Heigth:        47 cm | 18.5 in



Hand made work resin transparent with two bases;

Hand made polished brass with high gloss varnish;


1 pack

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