Parisian | Console


The "City of Lights" needed to be honored with a functional design, but also with true beauty that will awaken its interiors. Its delicately and meticulous crafted forms over the centuries have inspired us to create a console where we have assembled a Paris-style design, an inspiring city. The Parisian forms present in its majestic streets inspired us in the development of a delicate, sophisticated and modern console but at the same time preserving its traditional forms, from the two columns that twist at the top, the upper structure constituted by three drawers veneered in leaf of walnut root with a slighttouch of translucency, to the lion head shaped knobs. This console will remind us that "la vie est belle”.

Parisian Console
Parisian Console
Parisian Console
Parisian Console

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Technical Specifications:




Widht:       143 cm | 56.2 in 

Lenght:        40 cm |15.7 in 
Height:        83 cm | 32.6 in



Smoked glass, 3 drawers in walnut root veneer with high gloss finish, polished brass with high gloss finish handles and gold fabric drawers bottom ;

Polished brass with high gloss finish;


1 pack

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