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Inception | Side table



This side table was inspired by the organic form of a pawn with a dynamic and caring language. The whole structure is of brass. On the glass contains a circular engraving which makes the piece elegant and sophisticated with a balanced shape.

Inception side table
Inception side table
Inception side table

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Technical Specifications:




Width:       37 cm | 14,5 in 

Length:      37 cm | 14,5 in 
Heigth:      50 cm | 19,6 in



Bronze worked glass;

Polished brass with high gloss finish.


1 pack

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You have the freedom to select from a variety of materials, colors, and finishes, allowing you to customize your piece to your desired dimensions.

Our goal is to transform your most intricate desires into a masterpiece, fueled by our dedication to craftsmanship,

resulting in an exclusive creation tailored specifically for you.

To request any type of alteration regarding measurements or finishes, please simply send an email to

with the name of the piece and the desired changes. We will analyze it with great care and present the best solution.

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