Cosmo | Coffee table

A mark of sophistication and exclusive design. The Cosmo coffee table, is a defining presence and will change any room it is part of, creating a glorious atmosphere around it. 
The smooth curved lines and its versatility are rather appealing and destined to bring elegance to a luxurious space perfect for both a contemporary or classic setting.
A daring, yet elegant balance between the finest materials, leather and brass.

Cosmo Coffee table
Cosmo Coffee table
Cosmo Coffee table

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Technical Specifications:




Widht:         130 cm |  51,1 in 

Lenght:        130 cm |  51,1 in 
Height:          32 cm |  12,5 in


Top: Clear glass;
Body: Leather and in the middle polished brass with high gloss finish;
Base: Polished brass with high gloss finish;


1 packs

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