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Chock | Sideboard



We present our most dashing sideboard. With this piece, we want to show the shattered shape, as if it were losing its natural form, but at the same time, it gains again when being tied. With a bold design, it shows an elegant side with the polished brass rope effect almost as if it were embracing the piece. We create dynamics, we create feelings, we create a unique piece that transmits us an unconditional force.

Chock sideboard
Chock sideboard
Chock sideboard

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Technical Specifications:




Width:       195 cm | 76.7 in 

Length:        69 cm | 27.1 in 
Heigth:        83 cm | 32.6 in


Top, body & base:

Brown lacquered with high gloss finish; 


Polished brass with high gloss finish;


Brown lacquered with high gloss finish, bronze glass shelves, base and side in fabric, back in bronze mirror and led lighting;


1 pack

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