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Oporto center table inspired by the city of Porto reveals an enormous elegance of shapes and materials. Constructed of a lacquered wood structure and with a tile with a representation of the city of Porto, or in black tiles, with four supports at the four ends supported in brass inspired of Bridge D. Luis of the city of the Porto. It also contains in the interior a feature to give effects of speculates reflexes. At the top of the table, there are also slits in polished brass, accompanied by a top in a glass. A fascinating and luxurious devious and inspiring piece with a strong character. Art and architecture combine to create a magnificent piece represented by the unique Portuguese technique. Craft techniques and an inspiring design merge together to create the center table inspired by the city of Porto a unique piece of art.

Oporto center table
Oporto center table




Widht:       160 cm | 62.9 in 

Lenght:        90 cm | 35.4 in 
Height:        37 cm | 14.5 in



Smoked glass and Black lacquer with high gloss finish;

Polished brass with high gloss finish and blue tiles painted by hand;


1 pack

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