Barcelona | Cabinet


The work of Antonio Gaudi inspired us to create an exuberant and organic piece for this collection. The beautiful capital of Catalonia has the perfect combination of modernist architecture and lively life, and both elements cohabit in our cabinet. The materials merge into a new way of experiencing modernist Barcelona. With a structure all in brass and partly in mosaic, and in the front two large doors in stained glass with various colors and amazing forms full of life. In the interior, it is constituted by an upper part also in brass constituted by a shelf, in the lower part constituted by drawers. A distinctive piece that expresses art and design in a luxurious way.

Barcelona Cabinet
Barcelona Cabinet
Barcelona Cabinet
Barcelona Cabinet

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Technical Specifications:




Widht:             99 cm |   38.9 in 

Lenght:            57 cm |   224 in 
Height:          190 cm |   74.8 in



Polished brass with high gloss finish, black lacquer with high gloss finish hand work and red, black, orange glass;
Interior top:

Black lacquer with high gloss finish, bronze mirror on the back, led lighting, bronze shelve and bronze fabric;
Interior bottom:

4 black lacquer with high gloss finish drawers, with polished brass with high gloss finish details and black fabric;


1 pack

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