Abu Dhabi | Chair

Abu Dhabi chair shows by its forms the elegance and the supremacy of the balance of forms. A union of the contemporary concept as modern, presents a result of an incomparable and timeless chair, with unique characteristics. It has soft curves for a more modern and sculptural appeal but at the same time functional. Abu Dhabi reflects a distinctive design. Its noble design features notorious lines and a unique design through unusual shapes. Made by foundry this chair creates the feeling of being suspended, with the front legs leaning on the seat, but the back legs do not touch in the seat, thus allowing the notion of suspension. In turn, there is a structure that joins the two rear legs, making another connection to the seat in the middle part but under the seat. You can combine various finishes with numerous fabrics. The Crete team works to give you a unique experience of a piece with exclusive value and meaning.

Abu Dhabi Chair
Abu Dhabi Chair
Abu Dhabi Chair

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Technical Specifications:

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Width:       50 cm | 20 in 

Length:      50 cm | 20 in 
Heigth:      70 cm | 27 in



Polished brass with high gloss

finish and Brown leather;



1 pack

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