Stº Petersburg | Dining table

Stº Petersburg is the capital of culture in its country and a reference in European culture. This city is known for its history and its monuments, which are UNESCO world patrimony. Hermitage, one of the biggest art museums of the world is based in S. Petersburg. Stº Petersburg dining table was done with the same inspiration but with a different concept. This dining table provides an exclusive ambient with elegance but giving a refinement felling with its sophisticated character. This table can be chosen in different finishes such as brass, nickel, copper or lacquered in various colors. The top is glass in the oval shape and is possible to choose the finish in grey, extra-clear or bronze.St. Petersburg dining table reveals its grandiosity and luxury with a refined elegance, which satisfies our clients’ necessities.


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Technical Specifications:




Widht:       270 cm | 106.2 in 

Lenght:      150 cm |     59 in 
Height:        77 cm |   30.3 in



Smoked glass;

Polished brass with high gloss finish.


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