Stº Petersburg | Console

St. Petersburg is a city of a major European cultural center and known as the cultural capital of the country. Its historic center and monuments are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. St. Petersburg is also home to the Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world. Our inspiration came from the majestic domes to create majestic and unique environments. With a great care of lines, inspired by the domes, besides creating modern and contemporary environments, it allows having an elegant and fascinating language, with its forms, being able to achieve effects of amazing reflections. A fascinating and exclusive piece that can be combined with various finishes such as brass, copper stainless steel and lacquered in various colors. Composed of a glass top. A sublime piece where elegance is exemplified indiscreet simplicity.

Stº Petersburg Console
Stº Petersburg Console
Stº Petersburg Console
Stº Petersburg Console

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Technical Specifications:




Width:       135 cm | 53.1 in 

Length:        47 cm |18.5 in 
Heigth:        80 cm | 31.4 in



Bronze glass with polished brass with high gloss finish details;


Polished brass with high gloss finish;


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