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Mirror my mirror, will there be more beautiful mirror than I? An absolutely unique mirror, a mirror that breathes movement that draws attention to us. This mirror made through a mold is made up of a brass structure worked in order to create these forms of expressiveness. The mirror itself is in the central part and the shape of the structure is as it was expanding in space. In the part between the mirror and the frame, we have an ambient LED light to highlight and project the shapes of the mirror. A unique piece with its bold shapes that demonstrate movement, and interact with everything and everyone, revealing an enormous elegance combining with all kinds of environments.

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Technical Specifications:




Widht:      150 cm |  59 in 

Lenght:       13 cm |  5.1 in 
Height:     130 cm |  51.1 in



Polished brass with high gloss finish, clear mirror and led lighting;


1 pack

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Splash Mirror
Splash Mirror
Splash Mirror