Rome | Side table

Rome side table inspired by the columns reveals a fascinating and exclusive piece using materials that provide an unparalleled elegance. At the top consists of black or white marble and lacquered with a structure that can be combined with various colors. As it deals with ancient columns we wanted to demonstrate this with cracks in brass making thus a fascinating piece, with a unique touch, we wanted to react to the broken shape, using polished brass. You can choose copper or stainless steel. An exceptional side table that shows how elegance is exemplified indiscreet simplicity.

Rome side table
Rome side table
Rome side table

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Technical Specifications:




Width:             37 cm | 14.5 in 

Length:            37 cm | 14.5 in 
Heigth:            50 cm | 19.6 in



Guatemala marble, brown lacquer with high gloss finish;


Brown lacquered with high gloss finish and polished brass with high gloss finish;


1 pack

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