Rome | Dining table

Rome, the city that breathes art. Our Rome-inspired pieces are symbols of an exquisite architecture that adorned various buildings with sculptures and transformed the current Rome into the largest concentration of urban artworks we can imagine. The Rome dining table represents the details and a tribute to the embellishment and ornamentation. We designate part of the history of Rome in our plays. With this dining table, we give an experience of being able to have a history through sinuous and elegant lines. The structure made of wood with great detail contains cracks to give more personality and unique design. It can be lacquered with various color combinations. Rome dining table a unique piece.


Rome Dining table
Rome Dining table
Rome Dining table

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Technical Specifications:




Width:       300 cm | 118.1 in 

Length:      190 cm |   74.8 in  
Heigth:        77 cm |    30.3 in



Bronze glass;


Hand Carved polished brass with high gloss finish and black lacquered with high gloss finish;


2 pack

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