Oporto | Dining table

The Porto dining table is inspired by a great Portuguese city that inspires us. Consisting of a lacquered wooden structure, tiled with paint of the city, this dining table intends to demonstrate a piece of the city. With a shape cut out, and constituted by a structure in brass inspired in one of the bridges, icons of the city of the Port, the bridge D. Luis. In the inner part, the table is made of brass so that it is possible to create a dynamics of amazing reflections. On the top veneered in walnut root wood. It still contains a rip all over the top giving idea and illusion to the river Douro and then a glass top. You can combine various types of finishes such as copper, stainless steel or painting. Transparency makes the piece light and easy to interpret. Art and architecture combine to create a piece represented by traditional Portuguese technique inspired by one of the inspiring cities. The style and design combine to create the Porto dining table in a unique piece of art.

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Technical Specifications:




Widht:       300 cm | 118.1 in 

Lenght:      190 cm |   74.8 in 
Height:        77 cm |    30.3 in



Smoked glass and Black lacquer with high gloss finish;

Polished brass with high gloss finish and blue tiles painted by hand;


2 pack

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Oporto dining table
Oporto dining table
Oporto dining table