________________________________________________          Finishes          ________________________________________________
With a careful selection of wood veneers, lacquers, metallic materials, like brass, copper and stainless steel with a variety of techniques, Crete present you, our standard finishes list. 
If you want and need customized your piece, please select create your own design in a menu.
 We are honored to be able to meet your needs and enrich your interior.
 Wood Veneers 
Pelin Burl
Poplar Root
Walnut Root
ELM Burl
Walnut Burl
Bird Eye
Rose Wood
Polished Brass
Brass Aged
Polished Copper Hammered
Stainless Steel
Brass Brush Aged
Polished Copper
Copper Hammered Aged
Stainless Steel
Brass Foundry
Copper Brush Aged
Polished Brass Hammered
Copper Aged
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Brush Aged
Brass Oxidised
( Rust )
Nero Marquina
Emperador Marble
Green Marble
White Marble
Indian Marble
Special Lacquered
Black Lacquered
Brunette Lacquered
Glass & Ceramics
Clear Glass
Smoked Glass
Black Glass
Bronze Glass
Red Glass
Orange Glass
Aged Mirror
Leather & Fabrics
Old Leather
Orange Leather
Brown Leather
Chamois Leather
 _________________________________________                  Environments                   _________________________________________
You here in our gallery you can see our pieces in contemporary, luxurious and sophisticated environments.
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